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Imagine the ability to instantly broadcast every post on your blog to nearly 60 million people.

Facebook empowers networking, sharing and distribution like never before. And it’s growing by nearly 200,000 members a day!

A Facebook Application is a way for anyone outside of Facebook to build applications that add to a user's experience at Facebook.

  • Zero Programming Skills Required
    Just fill in some fields, click, click, click and Boom! Your very own Facebook app that you can promote. There's no need to hire any programmers. All you need is a Facebook account and a valid RSS feed, and we take care of the rest. more...
  • Any Blog Type Supported
    Literally any blog that has a valid RSS feed will work with the Facebook App Creator. Nor is the service limited to the blogging platform. Any website that has a feed can create an app. more...
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    Let your blog's readers easily download or share your Facebook app and your blogs articles. more...
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    Scared of the hosting costs involved with having a popular Facebook app? Fah-get about it! We've got server clusters primed for any traffic spikes, so you can focus on what you do best: Blogging. more...